General Submission Guidelines


Oral Presentations on Freely Chosen Subjects Abstracts
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Research Prize Competition (early career researchers)
Education Prize Competition
Clinical Prize Competition
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Original Scientific Research
General Endodontics (Please note there will be NO direct submissions to this category)
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Important Information for abstract submissions:

  • Each category and subcategory of presentation and the associated submission have specific and unique requirements – please read the instructions carefully before submission.
  • For example, abstracts for posters that cover Clinical Research (trials, outcome studies) should be submitted to the Original Scientific Research poster section NOT the Clinical Poster section, which is about describing clinical case reports and clinical techniques.
  • If you enter your abstract into the wrong category/subcategory of presentation it will automatically be entered into the General Endodontic Poster section.
  • Only those abstracts accepted for the Research Prize Competition, Education Prize Competition and Original Scientific Research Poster subcategories will be published in the International Endodontic Journal.


Submissions are accepted OR rejected based on:

  • Submission to the correct category;
  • Adherence to the guidelines for submission to the correct category and subcategory;
  • Quality of the submission.
  • Decisions on acceptance or rejection of submissions will be made by the end of March 2024.

Submitters will receive an acceptance/rejection email in April 2024. Please check your Junk/SPAM folders before querying the status of your submission. Presentation details, e.g. room, day, time and moderator will be informed via email once these have been decided.  Authors will be invited to present their work only when the submission has been accepted. Abstracts not accepted for the Original Scientific Research posters, Clinical Posters and Oral Presentations on Freely Chosen Subject categories will be invited to be included in the General Endodontic Poster section. Authors will have an opportunity to select whether they wish their submission to be withdrawn or considered for this section. Please note General Endodontic posters will NOT be formally presented, moderated or included in the International Endodontic Journal.

Submission Process Rules:

  • Submissions are now closed
  • All submissions must be in the English language.
  • Submitters are responsible for the accuracy of their submission, including the grammar and correct spelling, as well as the names of authors and institutions.
  • Submitters must include appropriate credit to all contributing authors and their associated institutions.
  • All authors must be listed before submitting an abstract or clinical poster. All co-authors must agree that the abstract or clinical poster can be submitted for presentation.
  • Abstracts for the Research Prize, Education Prize and Original Scientific Research poster section should not be submitted if the contents have already been or will have been published or presented at another meeting.
  • Authors may co-author multiple submissions but only present ONE submission in the same subcategory.
  • Authors may not submit the same abstract to different categories.
  • After submission, authors cannot edit the abstract. Therefore, ensure that the abstract is correct before submitting. During the submission process, the abstract can be saved for editing before final submission.
  • If you need to edit the abstract after submitting and it is before the submission deadline, please contact
  • After the submission deadline (12th February 2024), no further changes can be made to abstracts.MO

Original Scientific Research Poster and Oral Presentation on Freely Chosen Subjects submissions may be made under the following headings: 

  1. Access Cavity Preparation
  2. Biocompatibility & Bioactivity
  3. Bleaching
  4. Canal Filling – Leakage
    Canal Filling – General
    Canal Filling – MTA/Calcium Silicate Cements
    Canal Filling – Sealers
  1. Canal Preparation – Apical Extrusion
    Canal Preparation – Cleaning Ability
    Canal Preparation – Shaping Ability
  1. Clinical Outcome Studies – Endodontic Surgery
    Clinical Outcome Studies – Root Canal Treatment & Retreatment
    Clinical Outcome Studies – Vital Pulp Therapies
  1. Education
  2. Electronic Apex Locators & Working Length Estimation
  3. Endo-Perio-Ortho-Implant Relation
  4. Endodontic Revitalization/Regeneration
  5. Endodontic Surgery
  6. Epidemiology
  7. Imaging
  8. Instruments – Cyclic Fatigue and Fracture
  9. Irrigants/Medicaments – Antimicrobial Activity
    Irrigants/Medicaments – Canal Cleaning
    Irrigants/Medicaments – Dentine Disinfection
    Irrigants/Medicaments – Other
  1. Local Anaesthesia & Pain Control
  2. Microbiology
  3. Pulp and Periapical Tissue Biology and Pathology
  4. Restoration of Root Filled Teeth
  5. Root Canal Retreatment
  6. Tooth and Canal Anatomy
  7. Trauma and Root Fractures
  8. Treatment Planning
  9. Other