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Original Scientific Research and Education:

The Scientific Committee is responsible for evaluating and selecting abstracts for presentation in the Original Scientific Research and Education Poster section.

Abstract format:
Abstracts must NOT contain figures, tables, photos or illustrations. Abstracts must be no more than 300 words long and include the following sections:

  • Aim – e.g. To evaluate, to analyse …
  • Methodology – a concise description of the experimental design, and materials and methods along with statistical tests
  • Results – results and statistical analysis
  • Conclusions – in brief and related to the results without speculation
  • Acknowledgements and/ or Funding source – if applicable


After the initial submission deadline, there will be no opportunity to modify abstracts or resubmit for further consideration. If the abstract does not comply with the guidance, is poorly written or information is missing, it will be rejected and considered for inclusion in the General Endodontic Poster section.

Abstracts rejected from the Original Scientific Research and Education Poster subcategory will be considered for inclusion in the General Endodontic Poster section. Abstracts may be rejected for the following reasons:

  • The abstract is incomplete or poorly organized;
  • Information is missing (objective, methods, results – data and statistical analysis, conclusions);
  • The subject is not significant;
  • The abstract is not original or was already presented, or published;
  • Well-defined criteria are not given for evaluation of variables;
  • Poor choice of controls or no controls reported;
  • The method of obtaining data is not appropriate to the stated problem;
  • The conclusions are not supported by the results.

Abstracts accepted and presented as posters in the Original Scientific Research and Education section are published in the International Endodontics Journal and become part of the scientific literature. The committee reserves the right to move the abstract to another topic other than the one selected by the author. The presenter may withdraw the abstract at any time by emailing    


This section is for case reports or clinical techniques – and not for clinical research.

Research projects including clinical trials should NOT be submitted in this category but should be submitted to the Original Scientific Research category. If your submission does not follow the correct format it will be considered to the General Endodontic section.

Clinical poster submissions will be critically appraised by the Scientific Committee.

Authors will be given the option during submission to be considered to present their poster in the General Endodontic Poster section if their submission is not accepted for the Clinical Poster section.

The Scientific Committee will select the best posters (up to 5) for presentation in a lecture theatre. The lead author will be invited to present their poster for approximately 10 minutes with 5 minutes for questions.

A judging panel will select best presentation and a prize of £1,000 awarded to the winner at the end of the session.

General Endodontics
(Please note there will be NO direct submissions to this category):

There will be NO DIRECT SUBMISSIONS to this category.  General Endodontics Posters will be selected from those abstracts rejected from the following subcategories:

  • Original Scientific Research Posters
  • Clinical Posters
  • Oral Presentations on freely chosen subjects


Poster Presentation
It is anticipated in line with the sustainability goals of the conference that consideration will be given to deliver poster presentations in an electronic format but this may be subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions about Submitting and Presenting Original Scientific Research, Education and Clinical Posters ONLY:

  1. Question:
  • May I submit more than one abstract to present?
  • Applicants may present one poster in this subcategory. However, you may be a co-author on more than one poster.
  1. Question:
  • If my abstract is not accepted can I present in another section?
  • Your abstract will be considered for inclusion in the General Endodontic Poster section if it is not accepted as your chosen poster category.  Unless you state otherwise when submitting your abstract.
  1. Question:
  • When will I know what time I’m presenting my research?
  • The Scientific Committee will advise the date and time of your poster presentation by the end of March 2024.
  1. Question:
  • Can I change my presentation day?
  • The posters are arranged by topic and all the posters in that section are presented on the same day
  1. Question:
  • If my poster is displayed but I do not present my poster will the abstract still be published in the International Endodontic Journal?
  • You need to display your poster and give your presentation on the time and day given to you or your abstract will be withdrawn and not published in the IEJ.
  1. Question:
  • How long should my presentation be?
  • Approximately 3 minutes with 5 minutes for questions following your presentation.
  1. Question:
  • Do I receive a discount on the registration for being a presenter?
  • No
  1. Question: